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Data DVD Protection

Advanced Copy Protection Solutions Now Available
For Making Your
"Data DVDs"
Truly Non Copyable !!!

Now you can protect your valuable documents and applications  DIRECTLY – on a protected blank DVD-R!

Esecurity4all offers premium copy protected blank DVD media on which your files and applications can be written as and when you need to protect them.

The protected blank DVD media has a prewritten session compiling unique Esecurity4all security elements, leaving 4.3 GB of free space for
writing your digital content
using our proprietary DVD writing/ burner software.

Non Copyable Data DVD Non Copyable Data DVD
Non Copyable Data DVD Non Copyable Data DVD

These DVD-Rs can be read on any standard DVD reader/writer.

Our protection technique is very stable on any operating system. It is designed to deliver both - more value and protection - safely and securely to your data.


The protected files are encrypted using our unique technology. Our unique security feature in the DVD checks for authenticity and decrypts the files while playing them in their native application. This technology ensures that the reader can see the contents of protected DVDs as in case of normal unprotected DVDs, However they cannot copy the content.

The precompiled security elements on the DVD are linked to the protected files during the process of writing, thereby preventing one-to-one copying.

The protected files can be viewed freely in their original application in almost all DVD drives available in the market. However it is impossible to copy them using Save as, Cut, Copy, Paste, Print, Email forwarding, etc, making your file a truly read-only document.

Types of Files Protected

Any document can be copy protected.

  1. You can protect any website type like HTM, HTML, MHT, ASP, PHP, JS, VBscript, SSI, etc

  2. You can protect any type of data, audio, video, mp3, software on DVDs

  3. You can protect PDF documents (PDF) for use with Adobe Acrobat applications.

  4. Internet files (HTM, HTML, PNG, XML, etc.) for use with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox and Netscape Navigator.

  5. MS PowerPoint and flash presentations (PPS, PPT) for use with the free MS PowerPoint 97-2000+ Viewer (fully embedded presentations only-No linked external files.)

  6. MS Word files (DOC), excel files (XLS)

  7. Macromedia SWF, FLV files for use with Microsoft Internet Explorer

  8. Macromedia Director compiled executables using the following file types: DWI, DXR.

  9. Softwares of Win32 type (executable EXE file and their supporting files)

  10. Picture files (JPG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIF, TIFF) for use in Windows Picture Viewer

  11. Adobe Photoshop layered files in PSD format can be protected.

  12. Audio/Video Media files (AVI, MPG, MPEG, WMV, WAV, WMA, MP3, ASF, SWF) for use in Microsoft Media Player, WinAmp

  13. RTF text files for use with Windows Notepad, Windows WordPad


Excellent compatibility with almost all DVD ROM readers used in the computers.

Esecurity4all Data DVDs are tested on Windows & Linux Operating systems. It also runs on Mac Machines and has also proven its compatibility with most of the available optical readers.


  • Prevents physical copying to the hard disk or to other optical devices

  • Prevents 1:1 copying . i.e No DVD to DVD copying using softwares like Nero, EasyDVD Creator, etc.

  • Compatible with almost all types of data files.

  • Multiple techniques to disable most hacking tools used today.

  • Can be applied to any type of executable and setup application.

  • Executable is embedded with our unique protection technology.

  • The performance of the files is not affected.

  • All files open in their original native application.

  • High Playability.

  • Impressive reliability.

  • Blocks copying of specific support files like swf, jpg etc.

  • Speed and ease of protection.

  • Minimum delay in implementation.

  • Data can be read only from original DVD.

  • Excellent compatibility - Works perfectly with almost all DVD readers and writers used in computers.

  • Invisible digital protection of high level

  • No internet or keys needed to play

  • Unrivalled protection.

  • Dedicated after sales service.

  • Unmatched pricing.

Data DVD protection Is Strongly Recommended for

  • Website designers

  • Jewellery designers

  • fashion designers

  • Architects

  • DTP operators

  • Journalists

  • TV and media officials

  • Financial Documents

  • Bank documents

  • Business applications

  • Military Plans and documents

  • Government Offices

  • Audio/Video files

  • Recorded messages

  • Classroom lectures

  • Secret messages

  • Sales and Marketing presentations

  • Technical data presentations

  • Producers and publishers of Children’s DVDs (e.g., animated stories, rhymes, puzzles, educational programs, etc.)

  • Computer game publishers.

  • Information software (travelogues,timetables,directories,recipe books,dictionaries,etc)

  • Tourism DVDs (DVD Rom with heavy images & content to attract tourists)

  • Application Software (Small software utility applications for commercial use)

  •  Any Software companies making commercial products.

  • Religious songs and prayers

  • Educational DVDs (Syllabus-based text content)

  • Educational videos/ audios

  • Textbook Companion DVDs

  • Entrance guides for Medical/Engineering exams.

  • Concept-based scientific material or tutorials in science or math subjects.

  • Professional software segments (for doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc)

  • Computer Based Tutorial

  • Publishing companies of e-journals, e-books etc.

  • Internet Marketing Companies.

  • Individuals making presentations, research papers, journals etc.

  • Multimedia publishers.

  • Music and Video Publishers

  • Games DVDs

  • White Papers

  • Advertising samples

  • Pictures

  • Scientific research papers

  • Bank systems

  • Interactive Multimedia Applications

  • Corporate presentations

  • Press Samples

  • Low volume productions

  • Feature films

  • Documentaries

  • Religious titles

  • Animations

  • Demo Versions

  • Beta Copies

  • ........and many more places require Data DVD protections

Benefits of Data DVD Protection

  • Complete protection of your intellectual property rights.

  • Secures your valuable time, effort and money spent on programming and data entry.

  • Content cannot be modified by any means.

  • End user friendly.

  • Complete invisible protection- until customer tries to copy he will not know that the DVD is protected.

  • All DVDs are fully tested by us before being dispatched to you.

  • Efficiently protects various types of Data, Audio, Video, Mp3,Software files.

  • Available at a very affordable Cost - Very less investment compared to expense incurred by you on software or data development and marketing and pays off quickly due to extra sales and profits generated due to security.

  • Protection of Industrial strength.

  • Your customers will have no problems in reading the protected DVDs as they can be used on any regular DVD drives since the protected DVDs are of same size and dimensions as that of regular unprotected DVDs.

  • Prevents everyone from casual consumers to professional pirates from copying your data.

  • Significant increase in sales.

  • Increase in your overall revenues.

  • Significant increase in profits.

  • Maintain your monopoly in market.

  • Increase in popularity of your product and brand.

  • You can be leader in the market.

  • Building a strong Image of your company.

  • Gain trust of content suppliers and associations.

  • Use the extra profits gained for future improvements.

  • You can cut your advertising budget yet get more sales.

  • Reach Larger Segments of market.

  • Useful for all professions and businesses all over the world.

  • You'll even be able to password protect your DVD. This is perfect for membership sites and places where the application should be seen and heard by only the concerned person.

  • Also you can forget all your tensions and worries about competition from your own customers.

  • You can concentrate on other aspects of business.

  • Spend more time in promoting your website and DVD business rather than worrying about DVD piracy.

  • You can start more businesses and ventures without any tension.

And above all you will experience a considerable increase in profits from 20% to 500% extra sales as a result of applying good and safe protection, compared to an unprotected product depending on the type of your product and market.

Delivery and Pricing

Promotional offer:

The cost of a protected blank DVD is INR Rs. 65/- or USD $ 1.5 per DVD (shipping charges extra) on a minimum order quantity of 50 DVDs.

If you want to protect your documents in large volumes and wish to do the protection process at your own home or office then you will have to purchase our unique esecurity4all DVD Burner once. Cost of DVD burner is will depend on your protection features requirement.

(Note: Our unique proprietary DVD burning software needs to be installed only on computers with Windows XP or above. However the DVDs burned with our burner can be viewed on all computers having any operating system like windows 95, 98, 2000, ME, XP, 2003, Vista, etc. Also the protected DVDs will work perfectly on Linux & Mac machines)

DVD Burning Service also available:

If you wish to protect a very limited quantity of DVDs and do not want to buy the burner, and instead want us to make the protected DVDs for you, then you can simply send us the files that you want to protect by email or on a plain DVD through post/courier and tell us the quantity of protected DVDs that you require. The protected DVDs will be returned within 7 days (courier time exclusive)

Bulk Orders:

If you want to protect your DVDs in large volumes (i.e. above 3000 DVDs) then you will get huge discount in price.

For bulk order discount pricing details contact us at

How do I Order?

Please click here to fill the Order form and send it to us along with the payment at our office address mentioned below.

Payment method

You can make payment by Cheque, Demand Draft, Bank Transfer, Paypal, Money Order & Cash. Please make all payments by Cheques/ Demand Draft / Postal Order / Money order in favour of "ESECURITY4ALL" payable at Mumbai, India.  Payments by outstation Cheques/DDs are NOT allowed. Only Local cheques are accepted currently.

Other expenses

There will be no other recurring or Hidden expenses involved from your end. We shall send your Protected DVDs/ Esecurity4all DVD Burner once your order form has been processed.

Our address

702/ 3-C, Vaishali Nagar,
Near Jacob Circle Post Office,
Mumbai, Maharashtra,

Pin Code - 400 011.

Phone No.: +91-9820721362

You can meet the company authorities on request.

For appointment send us email or call us on above given phone nos. before meeting the officials.


So what are you waiting for?

Get all your Data DVDs protected NOW and start enjoying all the benefits of getting an edge over your competitors and increase your sales and profits right away.

Your Security and Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed


Click here to Order the esecurity solution for your Data DVDs ...NOW 

Hurry... ACT NOW... Tomorrow will be Too Late.


REMEMBER: Leaving the digital content on your DVDs unprotected is similar to leaving your house or car open and giving the keys to hundreds and thousands of strangers everyday.

Will you wait till your house is burgled or your car is stolen?
Certainly not,  then why do you want to leave your digital content unprotected?

If you don’t protect your DVDs now, then your entire BUSINESS is at risk of being STOLEN right in front of you. 

Don't wait till your entire business is stolen and then blame your luck and repent later.

By leaving your DVDs unprotected and copyable you are doing a big mistake in your business right now, but by not protecting your business even after knowing that a very good, reliable and 100% Guaranteed security solution is available at a very cheap and affordable cost for protecting all your DVDs, is an even more bigger and serious mistake that you will be doing in your business.


So Realise the importance of protecting your DVDs now

Don't wait  for even a single minute more and get all your DVDs protected...Right NOW, because it is possible that a pirate may be planning to steal your business right now and tomorrow will be too late.


Click here to Order the esecurity solution for your Data DVDs ...NOW


Hurry... ACT NOW... Tomorrow will be Too Late.

Your Security and Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed



"Your support is the best I've ever seen" have the best solution for creating Non copyable CDs in the more

Ms.Prajakta Kulkarni, Kulkarni Classes, Mumbai , India

"I recommend Esecurity4all to all..."

...I wanted to protect my audio,video and data more

Mr. Kailash Santani, Financial Advisor,LIC, Airoli, Thane , India

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