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Prevent Internet Thieves, Hackers And Your Competitors From Copying Your CDs, DVDs, USBs & Websites On Hard disk Or Blank CDs
or on Paper Or Even Through Email Or Any Other Storage Device…

…and stay tension free and also keep all the
profits for yourself.

Leaving your CDs, DVDs, USBs and websites copyable and allowing Internet thieves, hackers and your competitors to copy all your hard work in a few clicks of mouse or keyboard is the biggest mistake you have been doing so far in your business.

We all have seen lot of businesses worldwide being
non copyable dvd
crashed overnight or have been incurring huge losses till today, due to the serious problem of digital data Piracy or theft. And your CDs, DVDs, USBs or websites could be the next target of some pirate. But you don't have to worry about your CDs, DVDs, USBs and websites being copied anymore.

Breakthrough technology introduced by Esecurity4all finally puts an end to CD, DVD, USB
and Website piracy.

Introducing “First-Of-Its-Kind”, Affordable & Reliable Anti-piracy Security solution
for protecting all types of CDs, DVDs, USBs & websites, making them truly non-copyable.

Now you can protect all your valuable digital data, documents,
images, presentations, PDF files, audio, video, flash, mp3, software
& many other types of data on a protected blank CD-R, DVD-R, USB and
over Internet.

Also you can now protect your website from being copied by pirates,
internet thieves, hackers and your competitors.

No matter what type of file or website you have, you can now protect your CDs,
DVDs, USBs and Websites
from being copied.

What type of CDs, DVDs, USBs & Websites can be protected?

  1. You can protect any website type like HTM, HTML,MHT, SHTM, SHTML, STN, INC, ASP, PHP, JS, VBscript, SSI, etc

  2. You can protect any type of data, audio, video,mp3, software, etc
    on CDs, DVDs
    and USBs

  3. You can protect PDF documents (PDF) for use with Adobe Acrobat applications.

  4. Internet files (HTM, HTML, PNG, XML, etc.) for use with Microsoft
    Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox
    and Netscape Navigator.

  5. MS PowerPoint and flash presentations (PPS, PPT) for use with the
    free MS PowerPoint 97-2000+ Viewer (fully embedded presentations only -
    No linked external files.)

  6. MS Word files (DOC), excel files (XLS)

  7. Macromedia SWF, FLV files for use with Microsoft Internet Explorer

  8. Macromedia Director compiled executables using the following file types: DWI, DXR.

  9. Softwares of Win32 type (executable EXE file and their supporting files)

  10. Picture files (JPG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIF, TIFF) for use in Windows Picture Viewer

  11. Adobe Photoshop layered files in PSD format can be protected.

  12. Audio/Video Media files (AVI, MPG, MPEG, WMV, WAV, WMA, MP3, ASF, SWF) for use in Microsoft Media Player, WinAmp

  13. RTF text files for use with Windows Notepad, Windows WordPad.

Why should I protect my CDs, DVDs, USBs & website?

Before we explain to you why protection is needed, consider this situation...

“How would you feel when someone tells you that “xyz” company’s product or website is much better than yours?  And you discover later that the other company is owned by none other than your own old customer or visitor or competitor who has started a similar business as yours and he is using your content, images, animations, presentations, audios, videos, softwares, etc illegally on their CDs, DVDs, USBs or websites and is selling your material for a cheaper price than your price and is depriving you of your large amount of profits and you can do nothing about it.”

What if 2-3 people or even more copy your CDs, DVDs, USBs & website and become your competitor?

You depend on your website and CDs, DVDs, USBs as an integral part of your business. Your digital content is very valuable to you. Your earnings and livelihood is based on it. You have put in a lot of efforts, money and brain behind your website. Also you have spent a lot of money on advertising and promoting your business.

And once there's a pirate site or CDs, DVDs or USBs out there, the chances that a customer will buy from your identical but more expensive site or CDs, DVDs or USBs are extremely slim or none.

Some thieves will take your content and place their own name on it. Others will keep your name on it, but use illegitimate methods of advertising like SPAM.

If this ever happens to you, not only will your servers get blacklisted and shut down permanently, you could even face legal trouble. And worst of all, while your name is being mutilated by the thief, the thief is getting all of the profits that came from your efforts.

And above all your CDs, DVDs, USBs and websites can be copied by even a less experienced computer user or a computer and internet novice by just a few clicks of mouse or keyboard.

With the rapid advance of inexpensive CD-R and DVD-R burners, and the increase of high bandwidth Internet connections to the home and small offices, individual consumers now have the means to easily copy and distribute unauthorized desktop software on a broad scale. A pirate can range from a student with a recordable CD, DVD, USB drive, to a company which buys one copy of a program then uses it on several computers, to a dealer selling counterfeit packages. As a result, application software and interactive multimedia companies, entertainment industry and data content providing companies are facing extraordinary loss of revenues.

CD, DVD and USBs Piracy and website theft results not only in losing your hard work but also it results in more serious problems for you like losing customers, losing sales, poor visitor figures, loss of profits, losing monopoly in market, extra tension and stress, competition against your own customers who started similar business with your material and much more.

In short, it has a negative impact on all aspects of your business. It is also costing your business heavily. Rectifying this one mistake would transform your website and businesses and increase sales, profits, customers, recommendations, etc.

Isn’t this scene very scary for you? What can you do in such a situation?

If your CDs, DVDs, USBs or website have been copied illegally in the past and you have been a victim of piracy before then you need to immediately protect yourself from any future attacks.

But if this hasn't happened to you yet, then you're in luck. There's still time to secure your website and CDs, DVDs, USBs. Don’t wait till your business is robbed right in front of your eyes. Protect your CDs, DVDs, USBs and website NOW

Click here to see the details of our products.

What benefit will I get by protecting my CDs, DVDs, USBs
and website?

Some benefits you can get by protecting CDs, DVDs, USBs and website are:

     •  Secure your website and CDs, DVDs, USBs by making them truly

     •  Prevent your valuable data from being copied on hard disk, floppy disk or           any other optical storage device illegally.

     •  Prevent CD to CD, DVD to DVD and USB to USB copying.

     •  Protect your valuable documents, designs, layouts, codes, images, audio,           video, presentations, animations, etc

     •  Protect your hard work, money and time that you have invested in building           and promoting your business.

     •  Protect your website from being hacked.

     •  Force the would-be thieves to buy from you           instead.

non copyable cd

     •  Increase your sales, profits and popularity

     •  Ensure that you maintain monopoly in the           market.

     •  Forget all your tensions and stress.

Our customers agree that they often experience a considerable increase in profits from 20% to 500% extra sales as a result of applying good and safe protection, compared to an unprotected product depending on the type of the product.

These are just a few benefits that you can get by protecting your CDs, DVDs, USBs and websites. There are lots of benefits that you will get after protecting your CDs, DVDs,USBs and websites.

This type of Strong and Reliable Security to your digital content can truly prevent the large amount of losses you have been incurring in your online business, unknowingly so far.

REMEMBER: If you don’t protect your CDs, DVDs, USBs and website Now, then your entire BUSINESS is at risk of being STOLEN and If a thief strikes you, it could end up costing you lot of money and your reputation!

Leaving your CDs, DVDs, USBs & websites open or copyable is like leaving your house or car unlocked and giving hundreds and thousands of strangers the keys to your house or car.

If you leave your CDs, DVDs, USBs or websites unprotected then they are bound to be copied today or later by a thief. And if you think you aren't a potential target, then you are dead wrong. We have seen all too many businesses die overnight due to digital content theft.

Just imagine the tragic fate of your business if a thief ever gets a hold of your unprotected website or content on CDs, DVDs and USBs.

The good news is, there is something you can do about it...

Think of Esecurity4all as your own personal security watchdog for your CDs, DVDs, USBs and websites, always there to protect you in the event of theft or piracy.

Since you've read this far, we know you're someone who is very serious about your online business and is interested in protecting it immediately

It's not too late! We can give you that world class Security for your CDs, DVDs, USBs and Website and prevent them from being copied by thieves, pirates, hackers and competitors...RIGHT NOW!

Don’t waste any more time and secure your CDs, DVDs, USBs and websites right now before it is too late….

What is the cost of protection for CDs, DVDs, USBs and Websites?

Promotional Offer : For limited time only we are offering protection for your CDs, DVDs, USBs and websites at a very low price

Data CDs:

The cost of a protected blank CD-R is INR Rs. 45/- or USD $ 1 per CD (Shipping charges extra) on a minimum order quantity of 50 CDs.

For bulk order pricing discount details contact us at

Audio, Video, Mp3 and Software CDs / DVDs / USBs:

The cost will depend on file size, file type and quantity of CDs to be protected.

Price includes protection charges, replication charges, Taxes, 5-color printing on each CD, packing and delivery of the CDs / DVDs / USBs at your place.

For pricing details contact us at


The cost of website protection is INR Rs. 150/-  or USD $ 3 per webpage.

For bulk order pricing discount details contact us at



Yes! I have realized that leaving my CDs, DVDs, USBs & Websites unprotected even for a single day is dangerous for me and my business…and that a very good, reliable and guaranteed protection is available at a very reasonable price.



What should I do next?


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"This is without doubt the finest security solution..."

we had ordered for the full Cd protection more

Paulo Mascarenhas, Vogita , Pontinha , Portugal.

"Wow! Finally, the product I was waiting for!"

...We used esecurity4all CD protection service & found that, more

Dr.Pai,Exec. Director, PFNDAI, Mumbai , India

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