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Non-Copyable CDs, DVDs, USBs & Websites
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Start Your Own Profitable
Business Today…

You can earn A Six-Figure Income With A Proven Business
That Can Be Run From Your Home, Requires Very less Inventory, No Targets, No Staff , No Expensive Premises Required, Huge Market, Recession Proof business
And Gives You A RECURRING INCOME Month After Month Whether You Work Or Not!

You can Earn 20% to 36% Profit On Your Investment
From First Month Onwards....
And Also Earn You Name & Fame.

… By selling software, providing by Esecurity4all, India`s Only Company Providing Non-Copyable CDs, DVDs, USBs & Websites With Monopoly In Market.

Dear Friend,

The demand for CD, DVD, USB & website protection is growing at a very fast speed in world today. Esecurity4all, is currently the only Indian company providing Non-Copyable (anti-piracy) CDs, DVDs, USBs & Websites for all types of data, audio, video, Mp3 and software files, since 2005. With its top selling international brand, Esecurity4all is clearly the leader in software security field across Asia.

Esecurity4all is today one of the leading technology companies in India & is headquarted in Mumbai, India and has branch offices in Europe and Far east Asia region.

As part of our business expansion plans, we are planning to cover every territory possible all over India.

With this aim, we are providing a highly profitable business opportunity for investor like you, and invite you to be a part of this growing business. You can be part of this unique and lucrative business offer, which will help you enjoy booming business all around the year.

We encourage you to be a part of our fast growing business network across India by investing an amount of 10 -15 lakhs for the setting up of CD, DVD, USB security business with the expected returns around 2-3 times in one year.

You Can Enjoy The Following Benefits:

  A professional, business-to-business opportunity.
  Low investment - low overhead - high margin industry.
  A huge growing market.
  You will be selling the Esecurity4all Non-Copyable CDs, DVD & USB products and services that have great demand and your customers are willing to pay you any price that you quote.
  The products are non perishable and non time critical. Hence you can sell the products at any time as per your convinience.
  Also since you will have an unique product in the market, you can be sure that your customers will come back to you for repeat orders.
  Earning potential is unlimited.



You will earn a few lakhs of rupees in a very short time... GUARANTEED.



You will find that this gives you a great deal of pride, confidence and satisfaction like no other business.

  Working under a trusted brand name of Esecurity4all, will give you good exposure in market.
  Basic Business emphasis on Social, National and Nobal Cause. By preventing piracy you will be helping our nation to generate funds for more development.
  Strong cash flow - No accounts receivable; Payments are collected by you from clients directly.
  Minimum overhead – The business does not require an inventory of goods. Only laptop/ computer is needed.
  No storefront required – The business is not location specific; expensive office or retail space is not required.
  Recurring revenue – Whether the economy is in a recession or rapidly growing, Software Security clients continue to give you recurring orders, which are critical to their business.
  Business to business – Because you will be selling and marketing to businesses and not consumers, you won't have excessive marketing costs and can easily leverage your existing business relationships to grow your business.
  Great return on investment – Profit margins of 20 to 36 percent. Six figure income potential every month, either through several clients or the sale of Esecurity4all software. Earning a turnover in lakhs anually is not unrealistic in the software industry.
  Recession-resistant business – The software security industry shows steady growth even in the periods of slow economic growth for the past 10 plus years.
  Turnkey business – Esecurity4all provides everything you need to run the business such as latest and strongest technology, know-how, training and support.
  Low initial investment – Initial start-up fee of Rs.10 lakhs plus minimal computer hardware.
  Superior technology – Our system eliminates the need for an expensive IT footprint. Our enterprise level software security system allows you to focus on sales and service, while we take care of the technology.
  And by the way, there are NO franchise fees, NO royalties, NO monthly dues or any other fees you will ever need to pay.

The Esecurity4all support advantage

Esecurity4all provides unmatched support from day one. In addition to initial training, you will receive ongoing support to help you manage your business's growth and client relationships. You will have access to our highly experienced support staff to assist you in all aspects of running your software security business.

Who are your potential Customers for Data protection business:

Digital Piracy is a big problem in software industry and YOU can become part of the solution! Any business that uses digital content is your potential client. The potential client list is endless.

  • Website designers

  • Jewellery designers

  • fashion designers

  • Architects

  • DTP operators

  • Journalists

  • TV and media officials

  • Financial Documents

  • Bank documents

  • Business applications

  • Military Plans and documents

  • Government Offices

  • Audio/Video files

  • Recorded messages

  • Classroom lectures

  • Secret messages

  • Sales and Marketing presentations

  • Technical data presentations

  • Producers and publishers of Children’s CDs (e.g., animated stories, rhymes, puzzles, educational programs, etc.)

  • Computer game publishers.

  • Information software (travelogues,timetables,directories,recipe books,dictionaries,etc)

  • Tourism CDs (CD Rom with heavy images & content to attract tourists)

  • Application Software (Small software utility applications for commercial use)

  •  Any Software companies making commercial products.

  • Religious songs and prayers

  • Educational CDs (Syllabus-based text content) softwares.

  • Educational videos/ audios

  • Textbook Companion CDs

  • Entrance guides for Medical/Engineering exams.

  • Concept-based scientific material or tutorials in science or math subjects.

  • Professional software segments (for doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc)

  • Computer Based Tutorial

  • Publishing companies of e-journals, e-books etc.

  • Internet Marketing Companies.

  • Individuals making presentations, research papers, journals etc.

  • Multimedia publishers.

  • Music and Video Publishers

  • White Papers

  • Advertising samples

  • Pictures

  • Wedding Photographers

  • Scientific research papers

  • Bank systems software

  • Interactive Multimedia Applications

  • Corporate presentations

  • Press Samples

  • Low volume productions

  • Feature films

  • Documentaries

  • Religious titles

  • Animations

  • Demo Versions

  • Beta Copies

  • ........and many more places require Data CD protections

Clients who have used esecurity4all products:

Corporate companies like Reliance, Mahindra Navistar, Zee learning, etc
Government departments like Krishiudyog, Shipping, Food & Nutrition, etc.
Premier Technical Institutes like IITs, Areva, Goa Polytechnic college, NIIT, etc.
Banks like Kotak Mahindra, etc.
Popular Publications like Vikas Publication.
Various Education Institutes.


International clients from USA, China, Greece, Nepal, UK, France, Portugal, etc.

... and many more.

Click Here to see Testimonials of our satisfied customers.

Watch Esecurity4all in media.

Click on the image below or click on the play icon to play the video.
Videos may take some time to download depending on your internet speed.

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to see more videos of Esecurity4all in media.

What are Esecurity4all Non Copyable CDs, DVDs, USBs & Websites?

They are just like any other normal CDs, DVDs, USBs and websites in appearance, However our unique esecurity4all Noncopyable CDs, DVDs and websites cannot be copied by any known methods of copying till date, like Save as, Cut, Copy, Paste, Print, Email forwarding, copying CD, DVD, USB or webpage to hard disk, CD to CD and DVD to DVD copying techniques, etc thus making your files a truly read-only document.

Esecurity4all Non Copyable CDs, DVDs & Websites can protect all your valuable digital data, documents, exe images, presentations, audio, video, flash, Mp3, software, PDF files and many other types of data on a protected blank CD, DVD and over Internet.

The protected files can be viewed freely in their original application in almost all CD , DVD, USB drives available in the market.

Which protection Products are currently available?

Currently we have the following range of esecurity products:

  CD copy protection software
  Copy Protected Blank Data CDs
  DVD copy protection service,
  USB copy protection software and
  Website copy protection software.

Click Here to see more details about our products

To start the business you need the following

      1.    A visionary dream

      2.    Rs 10 Lacs to invest

      3.    Retail Knowledge would be an added advantage

Is This Business Recession Proof?

The Non-Copyable CDs, DVDs, USBs & website business is 100% recession proof and will be in demand forever.

As the IT industry continues to grow rapidly, the CD, DVD, USBs and Internet piracy problem is also growing at an alarming rate.

So the demand for CDs, DVDs, USBs & website protection business will grow over the coming years.

Our technology is among the best in the software security industry and our service and support are unmatched.

Owning an Esecurity4all copy protection software gives you the head start you need to fulfill your financial dreams.

Get started with the best business decision you'll ever make!

So if you are thinking what is the best time to join this business then believe it or not ..... Its RIGHT NOW.

How can I get the Esecurity4all Business Opportunity?

We are interested in hearing from you.

Send us an email at giving your complete contact details.

Mention “Business Offer enquiry” as subject of the email and provide your Name, Address and Phone number in the body of the email.

Our representative will promptly get in touch with you immediately.

We look forward to provide you with the most effective business opportunities available and help you eventually make more sales and profit for you in a short time.


Corporate & Head Office:

702/ 3-C,
Vaishali Nagar,
Near Jacob Circle P.O.,
Mumbai, Maharashtra,
Pin Code - 400011


Telephone No:   +91-22-23083036

Working Hours:
Monday – Saturday
                              11:00 - 18:00 India time (GMT+5.5 hrs)

Branch Office:   FAR EAST REGION

Mary Ann A. Guminga,
Rm.301,Otek Business Center,
Otek Road,
Baguio City - 2600,

Branch Office:   EUROPE REGION

10 Stanstead Manor
Cheam Road, Sutton,
Greater London,
United Kingdom

Click here to read more about our Company and its Vision, Purpose and Future Projects.

Click here to know more about us directly from our Director.




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"This is without doubt the finest security solution..."

we had ordered for the full Cd protection more

Paulo Mascarenhas, Vogita , Pontinha , Portugal.

"Wow! Finally, the product I was waiting for!"

...We used esecurity4all CD protection service & found that, more

Dr.Pai,Exec. Director, PFNDAI, Mumbai , India

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more testimonials

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& its only solution as
Non-Copyable CDs
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Non-Copyable CDs Click here to see video

Contact Us

702/ 3-C,
Vaishali Nagar,
Near Jacob Circle P.O.,
Mumbai, Maharashtra,
Pin Code - 400011

Telephone No:

Working Hours:

Monday – Saturday
11:00 - 18:00 India time (GMT+5.5 hrs)





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