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Website Protection

Protect Your ENTIRE "Website" From Being Copied By Internet Thieves, Hackers Or Competitors.

If you don't protect your Website TODAY, your entire BUSINESS is at risk of being STOLEN in a matter of few clicks of mouse or keyboard!

Seriously. Do you know how easy it is for ANYONE to steal data from
your site right now?

  • ANYONE can steal your Web site design and graphics, by clicking File > Save As or by Right clicking mouse button and clicking “copy”

  • COPYING text from your Web pages is as simple as selecting the text and clicking Edit > Copy

  • EVERY copyrighted image on your website can be instantly stolen and published by anyone elsewhere

  • ALL the e-mail addresses on your site are at risk of being harvested and spammed

  • Anyone can copy the HTML source code, by clicking View > Source

  • Anyone can Print your webpage

  • If you are selling downloadable products then STEALING your PayPal downloads "return link" is as easy as clicking View > Page Source!

  • EVEN the world's dumbest Webmaster can frame your pages, so they look like his own!

  • ... And that's just the beginning. Your Web site is at risk. And you need PROTECTION …RIGHT NOW!

Don't Worry.... Our Breakthrough Esecurity4all Website Protection Is Now Available To Stop Your Website Theft Problem Forever And Make It Truly Non-Copyable.

It doesn't matter what sort of Web host you use, or what hosting package you have,
we can protect absolutely ANY Web site.

Esecurity4all website security keeps your site 100% PROTECTED.

Click Here to see a sample protected webpage

Click Here to protect your website NOW

If you are a web designer or website owner, you know that it requires a huge amount of money, time, effort, knowledge and experience in many areas of expertise - like image editing, layout planning, getting right content - copywriting, planning colour combination and programming, to create a unique and professional Web Page. But the result of all this effort, time and money you put to create your website can be simply copied and reused illegally by anyone.

Since the early days of the Internet, illegal "borrowing" of web content of any kind has been a common practice - This applies not only to HTML or Javascript code, but also to everything else within a web page, for instance, text, links, graphics, colour combination, HTML source code, page layouts, complicated scripts or java applets that may have taken weeks to develop and debug, etc.

In today's highly competitive environment, this is something serious web developers or owners would like to prevent. Therefore you need a professional and effective solution to help you prevent people making unauthorized copies of your Web Page.

Esecurity4all website protection helps you protect your website, including the HTML source code, JavaScript, VBscript, text, links, graphics, etc.

We also take additional measures to further protect your Web Page, it lets you fully disable right mouse click, disable text selection, page printing, offline use, links display, as well as Image Toolbar and Smart Tags in IE6, password protect your pages, insert copyright information, stop spam robots from extracting email addresses from your pages, as well as prevent people from using automated downloader's to download your entire web site to their hard drive and more!

Protected website can work under all JavaScript compatible browsers. The look of your Web Page will not be changed after protection.  

Esecurity4all website protection can also compress your Web Page before encryption so that the size of your Web Page will be reduced, thus making your website load very fast and the transfer of your web site will be saved. Another cool feature is the option of encrypting specified sections of Web Page, which could be ideal for maintaining your search engine rankings.

Types of Websites Protected

You can protect any website type like HTM, HTML, MHT, SHTM, SHTML, ASP, PHP, JSP, ASP.NET, external java script or VB Script files(.js or .vbs), framesets and style sheets (.css) files, etc. You can also encrypt HTML-formatted email.


Your protected website will be compatible with all Java Script enabled browsers like Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Mozilla, FireFox and Opera, etc.

Your webpage after protection is GUARANTEED to Work with ANY Web Host - Windows or Linux or anything else.
Your webpage integrity is retained even after protection, so your website will look exactly identical to the original one.

Discover the EXCITING Features that YOU Could Be enjoying with Esecurity4all website protection!

Here are just a few of the many features that you will get, offering total online protection  for your website!

Complete flexibility in protection- EXCLUSIVE!

You can

  • Encrypt any type of file - HTML files, SHTML files, ASP files, PHP files, JSP files, ASP.NET files, external java script or VB Script files(.js or .vbs), framesets and style sheets (.css) files. You can also encrypt HTML-formatted email.

  • Powerful partial encryption capabilities - Encrypt only those parts of the code in your Webpage that you desire.

  • Encrypt either a single Webpage or multiple WebPages or your entire website.

  • You can decide what protection features you want on each webpage. You have complete freedom to select one or more of the features listed below for protection of a webpage.

  1. Total protection for your website !
    You can protect everything on your web page, including HTML source code, JavaScript code, VBScript code, text, links and graphics. After successfully protecting your website, people will not be able to view or edit your source code, as well as JavaScript/VBScript. Your text cannot be copied to clipboard, your link addresses will not be displayed in the status bar of the browser, and your graphics will not be able to be saved by using the "Save image..." function provided by web browsers. Also in addition to this you can password protect your webpage.

    In short, your web page can get complete protection.

Simply click here to view sample page protected by us. – and we've purposely blocked Opera users. Open the page and see how your webpage can be protected.

  1. Independent of Language - EXCLUSIVE!

    Properly encrypt your files no matter what character set you use. You may have texts in English, Chinese, Russian, Japanese or any other language.

  1. Prevent Others from Making Unauthorized Copies of Your Web Pages

    While users will still be able to view your web pages and save it to their local disk, the pages are encrypted by Esecurity4all website protection so that the user will not be able to understand its source code, which will prevent them from using the code on their own pages.
  1. Disable the Ability to View Your Pages Offline. i.e. People cannot read webpage after downloading to hard disk.

    This option will prevent the user's ability to view your webpage in offline mode. If the visitor tries to save your page on hard disk, they will simply find a blank document when they open it while offline.

  1. Prevent HTML source code from being copied –

      Encrypt your HTML source code, so no one can view original
      HTML source code.

  1. Disable the Ability to Select Text and Copy to the Clipboard

    This option will disable the user's ability to select text, graphics or any other elements on your Web pages - so that they cannot copy them to their systems clipboard.
  1. Disable Page Printing

    This option will prevent the page from being printed, causing users who try to print your webpage to simply get a blank sheet as print out.
  1. Disable Right Click Abilities on Pages or Graphics.

    This option will prevent users from right clicking on the text, graphics and links on your WebPages. They will be unable to highlight text, save graphics or view the pages properties. When the user tries to right click on your webpage, a warning message will appear that you can customize to say whatever you would like.
  1. Disable Clipboard and Print Screen

    You can use this option to totally disable the clipboard as well as the ability to use Print Screen to take screenshots of your Webpage. The clipboard will be completely disabled for the duration that the page is open.

  1. Disable Drag and Drop.

    This option will prevent advanced users from having the ability to drag graphics or other elements from your webpage and drop them outside the browser.

  1. Protect image on Webpage from being copied.

    You can protect images on your Webpage by using server-side script (PHP, Perl and ASP) or by converting it into Flash movie or by splitting it into several small pieces or by adding text-base or image-based watermark to it.

  1. Disable the Image Toolbar and Smart Tags in Internet Explorer 6

    Internet Explorer 6 added a feature that allowed users to mouse over an image on a webpage and be given the opportunity to save it to their local disk. This feature will disable that option from Internet Explorer 6 browsers.

  1. Password Protect Your Web Page.
    Prompt for a password before accessing a page. Works with ANY Web host!

    This will help you create password protection for your pages. You may specify single fixed password or multiple username based passwords for the protected page, ability to remember password on successful login. Furthermore, there are three methods that can be chosen to deal with visitor who enters an incorrect password.
  1. Disable the Ability of Browsers to Cache Your Website
    This disables the ability to save your webpage to local cache. It is useful to prevent e-mail grabbers from extracting the addresses from your site.
  1. Expire Your Pages Immediately

    This disables browsers from caching your page. It will not be saved in the user's local TEMP folder.
  1. Stop receiving Spam by Encrypting E-mail Address Links - encrypt all your email links – and kill those "spam spiders!"

    Protect all e-mail links on your pages, which may effectively prevent spammers from extracting the e-mail addresses from your webpage with an automatic e-mail grabber.
  1. PROTECT your Secret PayPal or any other online payment system URLs –
    Encrypt all of your PayPal or any other online payment system return links
    . If you are selling downloadable products then you can prevent users from directly viewing your download link from the source code and hence increasing your income.
  1. Ensure your web page is being visited normally from a specific domain/URL location. i.e. you can LOCK your webpage to your Web Site ONLY –
    Force Web pages to display ONLY on your Web site. Nowhere else!

    This option will ensure that your page can only be viewed from the defined domain name or URL address. If someone tries to use your page on another website, since the URL will be different all that will display is a blank page.
  1. Ensure your web page is being visited normally from a specific domain/URL referrer

    This option will keep your web page being visited from designated referrer domain name or URL address. It is useful if you don't want your page to be linked from other websites. Visitor will see a blank page in case the referrer is not allowed to link to your page.
  1. STOP URLs of links in your webpage from being Displayed in the Status Bar

    Ensure that users only see what you want them to see.
    Normally, when the visitor hovers their mouse over a link on a webpage it will display the link location in the browsers status bar. This option will disable that ability on your webpages.
  1. Prevent Other Websites from Framing Your Web Page.

    This option will prevent your page from being displayed in a frame on another page. Stop other sites framing and impersonating with your pages.
  1. No Censorship! Keep away all web content filters. Make Your Pages completely ineligible to Web Filters. This can increase the average number of visits to your site by several times!

    Lately, more and more companies, government organizations and universities have started to implement content filters to deny access to websites that contain certain words. If your website is affected by these filters, your website will not be available to all users. Luckily, if you implement Esecurity4all website protection on your site, these filters will be unable to scan your source code. Your webpage will be available to everyone.

  2. Protect Your Website from Automated Downloading Programs

    Protect all the links on your page to help prevent automated downloader programs from downloading your entire website.

  1. Stop Search Engine Robots from Indexing Your Website

    This option will tell search engine robots they are not allowed to index your webpage.
  1. Disable Adobe Acrobat Web Capture - EXCLUSIVE!

    Adobe Acrobat web capture can be used to convert the text and graphics of your web pages to a PDF document. To disable the ability to steal the content of your pages, you should enable this option.
  1. Disable Opera users - EXCLUSIVE!

    This option gives you the ability to block all Opera users from viewing your pages.
  1. Insert a Copyright String into the HTML Code

    You can optionally use this option to add copyright information to the top of your HTML code. When visitors view the source code, they will see the copyright information.


Website Protection Is Strongly Recommended for

  • Websites of all types

  • offline webpage manuals for products

  • HTML formatted email messages

  • Image protection

  • password protection for secret messages

  • Website designers to show sample copies to clients

  •  code developers

  •  ……………and many more

All websites require protection without fail…. there is no choice.

Click here to protect your website NOW

Benefits of Website Protection

  • Complete protection of your intellectual property rights.

  • Secures your valuable time, effort and money spent on programming, web designing  and data entry.

  • Content cannot be modified by any means.

  • End user friendly.

  • Website protection is completely flexible and you can select the security features that you want for your webpage. You can protect single page or multiple pages of your website or entire website

  • Complete invisible protection- until visitor tries to copy your website he will not know that the website is protected.

  • All websites are fully tested at our end before they are sent to you. So you don't have any complaints later.

  • Efficiently protects various types of websites.

  • Works on any type of web host server

  • Available at a very affordable Cost - Very less investment compared to expense incurred by you in web designing, content creation and marketing and pays off quickly due to extra sales and profits generated due to security.

  • Protection of Industrial strength.

  • You'll even be able to password protect your website. This is perfect for membership sites and places where the website should be seen by only the concerned person.

  • Prevents illegal casual consumer copying to professional piracy.

  • Stop receiving Spam by Encrypting E-mail Address Links - encrypt all of your email links – and kill those "spam spiders!"

  • Protected webpage will load really very fast because protection causes size of your Webpage to be reduced considerably

  • Maintain your search engine rankings by encrypting specified sections of Webpage.

  • Significant increase in sales.

  • Increase in your overall revenues.

  • Significant increase in profits.

  • Maintain your monopoly in market.

  • Increase in popularity of your website, product and brand.

  • You can be leader in the market.

  • Building a strong Image of your company.

  • Gain trust of content suppliers and associations.

  • Gain a R&D Budget for future improvements.

  • You can cut your advertising budget yet get more sales.

  • Reach Larger Segments of market.

  • Useful for all professions and businesses all over the world.

  • Prevent software like 'website content filters', 'ad-killers' or 'ad-busters' so that no ad-killer can cut your banners or ads out of the page. Helps you to keep all your profits from ads and banners.

  • Many users tend to save entire websites and view them off-line. Certainly, users view those off-line web sites not once. They read web pages again and again, sometimes sending interesting ones to their friends. This way people do not load new banners or ads from website and webmasters lose their money.

  • Also you can forget all your tensions and worries about competition from your own customers.

  • You can concentrate on other aspects of business.

  • Spend more time in promoting your website rather than worrying about website theft.

  • You can start new websites and businesses without any tension.

And above all you will experience a considerable increase in profits from 20% to 500% extra sales as a result of applying good and safe protection, compared to an unprotected website depending on the type of your website and market.


Want to see PROOF that our website protection really works?

click here to view sample page protected by Esecurity4all website protection. – and we've purposely blocked Opera users.


Delivery and Pricing

Just send us a copy of your webpages that you wish to protect, by email or on a plain CD through post/courier, and the protected Webpages will be returned to you within 10 days by email or in CD format (courier time exclusive), ready for use or for hosting on your server.

Very Important: If you require partial protection for some webpages then please send us a detailed description indicating the file name(s) and the protection features you want for each webpage. If we do not receive any special request then all the webpages will be protected with all the protection features available.

Promotional offer: The cost of website protection is INR Rs.150/- or USD $ 3 per webpage.

Note: If you wish to receive the protected webpages by post/ courier in CD format then you will have to pay extra for the shipping charges.

Bulk Orders:
If you want to protect webpages in large volumes (i.e. above 40 webpages ) then you will get huge discount in price.

For bulk order pricing discount details contact us at

How do I Order?

Please click here to fill the Order form and send it to us along with the payment at our office address mentioned below.

Payment method

You can make payment by Cheque, Demand Draft, Bank Transfer, Paypal, Money Order & Cash. Please make all payments by Cheques/ Demand Draft / Postal Order / Money order in favour of "ESECURITY4ALL" payable at Mumbai, India.  Payments by outstation Cheques/ DDs are NOT allowed. Only Local cheques are accepted currently.

Other expenses

There will be no other recurring or Hidden expenses involved from your end. We shall send your order once your application form has been processed.

Our address

702/ 3-C, Vaishali Nagar,
Near Jacob Circle Post Office,
Mumbai, Maharashtra,

Pin Code - 400 011.

Phone No.: +91-9820721362

You can meet the company authorities on request.

For appointment send us email or call us on above given phone nos. before meeting the officials.


So what are you waiting for?

Esecurity4all website protection is absolutely the ONLY program you'll need to keep your entire Web site safe from Internet thieves.

There's NEVER been a better time to get your website protected than TODAY

Get your Website protected NOW and start enjoying all the benefits of getting an edge over your competitors and increase your sales and profits right away.


Your Security and Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed

Click here to Order the esecurity solution for your Website ...NOW 

Hurry... ACT NOW... Tomorrow will be Too Late.


REMEMBER: Leaving your website unprotected is similar to leaving your house or car open and giving the keys to hundreds and thousands of strangers everyday.

Will you wait till your house is burgled or your car is stolen?
Certainly not,  then why do you want to leave your website unprotected?

If you don’t protect your website now, then your entire BUSINESS is at risk of being STOLEN right in front of you. 

Don't wait till your entire business is stolen and then blame your luck and repent later.

By leaving your website unprotected and copyable you are doing a big mistake in your business right now, but by not protecting your website even after knowing that a very good, reliable and 100% Guaranteed security solution is available at a very cheap and affordable cost for protecting all your websites, is an even more bigger and serious mistake that you will be doing in your business.


So Realise the importance of protecting your website now

Don't wait  for even a single minute more and get your website protected...Right NOW, because it is possible that a pirate may be planning to steal your business right now and tomorrow will be too late.


Click here to Order the esecurity solution for your Website ...NOW

Hurry... ACT NOW... Tomorrow will be Too Late.

Your Security and Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed


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Ms.Prajakta Kulkarni, Kulkarni Classes, Mumbai , India

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Mr. Kailash Santani, Financial Advisor,LIC, Airoli, Thane , India

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